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More linen, shorter
production chains

Breezy, light and skin-friendly - the natural fiber linen offers many benefits in summer. The biggest benefit? We only use linen from the EU and produce our linen pieces in Europe or locations close to Europe to keep chains as short as possible.

Linnen outfits for
weather change and heatwave

For you, summer is about going outside? Your skin feels it too. The nature material linen works like a chameleon for you. The natural fiber in our material blends provides light warmth and is also breathable at high temperatures. It also absorbs humidity quickly for a fresh look all day long.

Alle Vorteile
der Leinen Faser:

  • Provides light warmth and also acts as a thermoregulator in hot temperatures
  • Absorbs humidity quickly and keeps you looking fresh all day long
  • Brings more texture to your outfit, whether for an occasion or in everyday life

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