In partnership with 1 FC Köln, we've launched a collection that celebrates the passionate spirit of football and our mutual love for Cologne, our home city. This initiative is deeply rooted in our commitment to sustainability. Our collection is crafted using either certified organic cotton or recycled cotton in the mix, sourced from our suppliers in Portugal. Through this collaboration, we aim to inspire a wider audience to embrace sustainable fashion choices.

The collab leverages the wide-reaching platform of football culture and integrates sustainable fashion choices into the fabric of football culture. Moreover, it serves as an educational platform, emphasising the importance of sustainability in fashion and encouraging more responsible consumption.

While no fashion products can be considered fully sustainable , every item in this limited-edition collection meets the high standards of armedangels and is produced using our established network of suppliers. the products are all either GOTS certified or also GRS certifiied.

The "limited" nature of the products indicates that we've produced only a small quantity of items for each category. Once these products sell out, they will not be restocked.

Our selection of characters for the campaign was intentional, aiming to reflect the diverse tapestry of Cologne's inhabitants—both long-standing residents and newcomers alike. This choice was driven by our desire to authentically capture the collective affection for our beloved city, Cologne. Through these varied narratives, we not only celebrate the city's unique charm but also emphasize the enduring connection people forge with their city, its culture, and the value of sustainable practices. It's a testament to the lasting bonds that make our commitment to sustainability not just a choice, but a legacy worth preserving.