Most asked questions

Here you can find a list of the countries we deliver to.

  • within Germany: For the delivery we charge a shipping fee of 4,95€
  • to Austria: For each delivery we charge a shipping fee of 4,95€ or 5,45 CHF
  • the shipping costs for all other countries can be found here.

You can track your order from the moment it is shipped using the tracking and tracing feature. You will find the tracking link with the shipment number in your shipping confirmation. If you have not received a shipping confirmation or your order status is "pending", please contact us. We will gladly help you.

Here you can find the average delivery times

Normally the refund is made within 14 days after receipt of the return to the account used for payment.
You used a voucher with your order? Then the refund will be made automatically to the voucher in case of a return. You can then use the voucher code again directly with your next order. If the amount is higher than your voucher, the difference will be transferred to the account used for payment.

Yes. Send the item you wish to exchange, together with your return, back to us as usual. Use our free shipping code for your new order. For help contact our Customer Happiness Team: [email protected]


For us, eco is not a trend, but an attitude and responsibility towards our environment; it is not an option but a must. Therefore we consistently use sustainable, environmentally friendly & circular materials.
Here we have listed our materials for you:

  • Cotton from controlled organic cultivation (kbA)
  • Recycled & circular cotton
  • Pure new wool from controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT)
  • Recycled & circular pure new wool
  • Natural alpaca wool
  • Regenerated fibers from Lenzing (LENZING™ ECOVERO™, TENCEL™ Lyocell, TENCEL™ Modal)
  • Recycled synthetic fibres (rPET)

You can find more information here.

In the sustainability jargon, kbA and kbT are the German acronyms for "controlled organic cultivation" or "controlled organic livestock farming" and describe the production of agricultural products (e.g. organic cotton or organic virgin wool) on the basis of production methods that are as environmentally friendly and animal friendly as possible. Organic cultivation does not use synthetic plant protection products, pesticides, artificial fertilizers or genetic engineering. Instead, it relies on natural fertilisers (e.g. cow dung) and biological pest controls. In addition, crop rotation is taken into account during cultivation. This means that not one single but several different crops grow on the fields, which sustainably improves soil fertility.

Organic livestock farming places high demands on animal welfare and ensures that animals are kept species-appropriate in a near-natural environment. This is ensured, among other things, by prohibiting certain animal feeds and by setting higher minimum requirements in terms of space available for the animals.

„Mulesing“ means the removal of skin from the tail area of a sheep – without giving them any painkillers. This is to prevent infestation with fly maggots (myiasis). The Myiasis fly larvae is mainly native to the regions of Australia and New Zealand, where the method of mulesing is still used in conventional sheep farming. There already are alternatives to mulesing, e.g. regular controls of the sheep flocks, the use of breeds that are better adapted or lastly biological fly control. We only use mulesing-free organic virgin wool in our products and mainly source it from Argentina.

As long as it's fast and cheap. The fast fashion industry is booming and with it the use of genetic engineering, pesticides, nasty chemicals and enormous amounts of dirty water. We are sick of the indifference and disrespect with which our environment is treated. That's why all our materials and processes are constantly checked to ensure that they are environmentally friendly. Since the quality, durability and sustainability of our materials depend on many variables, such as the type of fibre, yarn blends, yarn structure, fabric construction, dyeing and finishing, we at ARMEDANGELS have carefully selected our raw material sources and their qualities.

We adhere to our principles at all stages of production:

  • 100% free from harmful chemicals
  • 100% sustainable production facilities
  • 100% traceable - from raw material to finished textile product

Being more beautiful and sustainable than conventional fashion labels is not enough for us.

Our production chain is long and every single one of our garments is the result of many hours of work. We are committed to fair working conditions and adequate payment for the people who stand behind ARMEDANGELS. We make no distinction between cotton farmers in India, seamstresses in Turkey or designers in Germany.

Independent organisations such as the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) guarantee that we stick to our words.

The Fair Wear Foundation focuses on improving working conditions in the factories where clothing is made from fabrics.

We are not perfect. We are simply trying to do the right thing - every day, step by step. We know that we still have a long way to go, but we have to persevere. Made to make a difference.

No, we are not. But although we have decided not to be a purely vegan fashion label, we pay attention to an animal-friendly and sustainable practice and follow strict guidelines when working with animal raw materials.

 However, the majority of our collections are vegan, with the exception of items made from organic shearling or alpaca wool. We do not use leather patches or horn or mother-of-pearl buttons anymore.

 In addition, our shirts are not dyed with colours of animal origin, but with synthetic colours that are in line with the strict guidelines of GOTS.

Currently we produce the majority of our collections in Portugal and Turkey. Our denims are produced in Tunisia and Turkey. We started with the production in Portugal because it is easy to control due to the proximity. 

All our partners, whether in Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Moldova, Tunisia, Morocco or China are regularly visited, controlled and are GOTS and/or GRS certified. Long-term cooperation and proximity to our producers are extremely important to us in order to support and together promote sustainable improvements in production. 

The bigger we become as a brand, the further we try to get closer to our goals. After all, the larger the quantities we produce, the greater the influence we can exert as a company on working and environmental conditions.

We attach great importance to a transparent supply chain. We want to know where our materials come from and who processes them. Our production chain is long and every single one of our garments is the result of many hours of work. In order to meet our high social- and environmental standards, it is crucial for us to know the supply chain of our textiles. That is why close contact and proximity to our producers are so important to us. They are the foundation of what we do. We want everyone who works for us to understand what matters to us as a brand and what our mission is. This is why it is so important that our partners question their own production processes and develop them on their own authority - with our support and the support of the initiatives of which hold membership. In 2011 we aligned all processes in our supply chain with the GOTS standard, in 2015 we became member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and, last but not least, we use Fairtrade-certified organic cotton from India.
Short and sweet ;-) This is what our supply chain looks like:

  1.  Extraction of raw materials (the natural fibres), such as organic cotton, organic virgin wool and organic linen. For natural fibres this means: Cultivation, crop protection, fertilization, harvest, (ginning of cotton), cleaning. For animal fibres: shearing the sheep, washing the wool and removing impurities. Our natural fibres come from countries such as India, Argentina, France and Turkey. Production of regenerated or recycled synthetic fibres, i.e. Modal and Lyocell (e.g. from renewable raw materials such as wood or recycled plastic). This happens at our partner Lenzing in Austria.
  2. After the raw materials have been extracted, they are sent to the spinning mill. This is where the yarns are produced.
  3. The next step takes place in the weaving/knitting mill. This is where the flat- and knitted fabrics are produced.
  4. Then the fabrics get refined. This includes the pre-treatment, dyeing and printing of the fabrics. 
  5. In the finishing process, the fabrics are cut and sewn into trousers, shirts, dresses, etc. 
  6. Then, the garments get refined once again. They get washed, printed and/or dyed. 
  7. What follows is the final cleaning of the garments (i.e. cutting off threads, etc.), a quality check and voila - the garments are packed and then sent to Germany to our logistics partner. 
  8. Our logistics partner is based in Aurach, where the parcels will be made ready for shipment. When shipped, the product leaves our supply chain, and will be brought to your home by DHL Go Green. 

It is our goal to make our production process entirely transparent and comprehensible for you. This is why we are in the process of documenting every single step – from the design to the finished product. We want as many people as possible to understand why we do what we do and to join us in spreading the message: Sustainable design instead of fast fashion, high-quality materials instead of cheap mass-produced goods and fair production instead of wage slavery.

A team comprising of members of our design, purchasing, technology and corporate responsibility department visit our suppliers on a regular basis. Martin, our CEO, is frequently joining these visits to get to know our suppliers personally and to strengthen our partnerships. We do not visit the showrooms on site, but rather the various factories: sewing, laundry, weaving, embroidery, etc. We have also visited our cotton production in India, where we helped with the harvest and got to know Bhimabhai. He is one of the farmers from whom we get our organic cotton. You can find the whole Travel Journal here. The focus of each visit varies, depending on who is visiting the production site. However, the person visiting also discusses the matters that other colleagues put on the agenda, so that a multitude of different topics is discussed on site. We always announce our visits and arrange the dates with the producers. Our suppliers are our partners and we treat them as such. This means above all that we build a business relationship based on trust and not on control.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (in short: GOTS) is not a new type of goat, but a certification of the International Working Group on Organic Textile Standards (IWG) and is one of the strictest standards for organically produced natural fibres (organic cotton, organic virgin wool and organic linen). It defines requirements that ensure a socially responsible and ecologically sustainable production of textiles. From cultivating the raw material to final processing. The compliance with this standard is verified once a year by an independent certification authority. Since 2011, also all our producers, throughout the entire supply chain, undergo this yearly auditare being. In addition, at ARMEDANGELS this standard also applies to materials that do not qualify for GOTS certification because they contain recycled cotton or are not natural fibres (LENZING™ ECOVERO™, TENCEL™ Lyocell, etc.). Still, they must comply with the GOTS standard.

The Fair Wear Foundation is an international multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to work with all member companies to improve supply chains and working conditions in textile factories worldwide. A strict code of conduct requires, among other things, the prohibition of child labour, the right to freedom of association, secure jobs, living-wages and a resource-conserving production in all ventures, starting from the fabric production. On site, FWF auditors regularly check compliance with the standard in the factories. In addition to that, we are being audited ourselves each year in the so-called Brand Performance Check. We really like the approach the FWF has. Every company gets the chance and the support to improve its production conditions. Our aim is to support our suppliers in establishing good working conditions for all employees in the long term. We have been member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) since June 2015. 

We're reviewed every year, too in a Brand Performance Check.

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international, voluntary standard that set requirements for third-party certification of recycled input and chain of custody. The GRS includes additional criteria for social and environmental processing requirements. Harmful chemicals are not permitted to be used. 

Therefore, you can be sure that the recycled content is safe and that the origin can be traced from the recycler to the final product. Besides, only products that consist of at least 50% recycled materials are allowed to use the GRS logo. Learn more about recycled fibers we use at ARMEDANGELS here.


In our online shop you can either order as a guest or you can create a user account.

The user account can be set up easily and in a few steps during your order. After you have created your account, you will receive an e-mail. Please confirm your registration by following the link in the e-mail. Your customer account is now set up and you can access it in the future, e.g. to inform yourself about the shipping status of your order.

Once you have decided on your desired items, simply place them in the shopping cart and click on CHECKOUT. Then quickly enter your address and select a payment method. Voilà! Please note that the goods will be reserved for you for a period of 7 days if you choose the payment method pre-payment. After this period your order will be automatically cancelled.

It is not possible to order by phone.

You can track your order from the moment it is shipped using the tracking and tracing feature. You will find the tracking link with the shipment number in your shipping confirmation. If you have not received a shipping confirmation or your order status is 'open', please contact us. We will gladly help you.

Here you can find the average delivery times.

Unfortunately, a cancellation is usually not possible anymore because we process and ship your order as fast as possible. Usually the package is already on its way to you. You can of course refuse to accept the package or easily return it. Once your return has been processed, the invoice amount will be refunded within 7 days.

You have chosen pre-payment as payment method? Then you can let us know by e-mail and we will cancel your order.

During an order you can change your delivery address in the step ENTER NEW DELIVERY ADDRESS. Unfortunately, address changes are not possible for orders which are already placed. However, you can often choose a different drop-off location, e.g. a post office, via the shipment tracking. 


You can pay by bank transfer, direct debit, credit card, Apple Pay, pre-payment and PayPal. 

It may be, that not all payment methods will be offered at all times. Which payment methods you can choose from depends on an automated process that runs on every single order. It is possible that due to past orders not all payment methods are displayed, e.g. if a payment was not successful.     

Of course you can also simply choose another payment method or contact us. Please keep in mind that you can pay a voucher only via PayPal, credit card or EPS.

You transfer the order amount to us. As soon as we have received your payment, we will process your order and ship your package. In your order confirmation you will receive our bank details, the reason for payment and the order amount. Please note that we cannot process your order as long as we do not receive your payment.  


A list of the countries we deliver to can be found here.

An overview of the shipping costs for all countries can be found here.

ATTENTION: Outside the EU additional costs / customs duties may apply. We do not determine the amount and can not influence it directly. This does not apply to Switzerland: Here all costs are included in the product costs.

Standard delivery within Germany is within 1-5 working days from the moment you submit your order. When choosing PREPAYMENT as your payment method, delivery will take 1-5 working days after receiving your payment.
The delivery times for deliveries outside Germany can be found here.

Yes, of course you can do that. Use the 'normal' address option in the order process. Here you enter the address of the post office. Add your postal number there as well.

We think your idea and your commitment are great. But our warehouse is not in Cologne. Here we actually work on product designs, product quality, the online shop and sustainable technologies.

Yes, we do ship to packing stations. Click on 'DELIVER TO A PACKSTATION ORDER'. Then enter your postal number in the 'address supplement' box and add the word 'packing station' (with number) in the 'street' box . 

Please do not include the word 'Postal number', otherwise the address information may be too long.

That depends on the country

  1. Germany – DHL
  2. Austria - Post AT
  3. EU: Other – DHL International

If you have not received all the articles you expected, there might be various reasons for this. For example, we might have cancelled an item at short notice - in this case we should have informed you via e-mail. It might also be that the missing item is a pre-ordered item. You can find more information about pre-orders here

Return & Refund

In the following we explain what you have to consider in case of a return. Please note: This category only applies to new items from our store. If you want to know how to proceed with second hand items, click here.

For returns from Germany, Austria as well as Switzerland and the Netherlands we charge a return fee of 2,95 Euro or 4,95 CHF per order. 

For all other countries not mentioned above, please return your parcel at your own expense to the following address: 

LOXXESS Neuburg GmbH 
c/o Social Fashion Company GmbH
Steinauer Weg 7
91589 Aurach

We strongly recommend that you send this return insured. It would be annoying if something went wrong.

We offer a digital returns process for returns from Germany. You can register your return conveniently via the returns platform in our online shop. To do this, click on the 'returns' button, which you can find either in your customer account or at the bottom of the homepage. All you need to register is your order number and your e-mail address. Please note that registration is only possible within the returns period of 14 days. If the delivery date of your order is more than 14 days ago, no return can be registered.

Once you have logged in, you can select the order from which you would like to return items. Here you select the item to be returned as well as one of the specified reasons. Once you have successfully created the return, you will be taken to the final step. Here you can create your returns label, print it out and attach it to the parcel. Alternatively, you can send the label to yourself by e-mail and show the QR code to DHL. DHL will then print out the label for you directly on site. 
If you have any difficulties with the registration, please contact our Customer Happiness Team and they will be happy to help you.

If something doesn't fit or you don't like it, you can return it to us within 14 days of receiving the goods. All you need to do is return the items unworn and in their original packaging. 

We accept the return of unworn and unwashed underwear. We understand that you may need to try the underwear on to check the fit. We recommend that you wear another pair of underwear underneath. If there is any residue of make-up, deodorant or other stains/contamination on the products, we cannot accept the return. 

And this is how it works: 

  • Germany: If you would like to return your parcel from Germany, you can register your return digitally (see above 'How can I arrange a return from Germany?'). 
  • Austria & Switzerland: Please fill out the returns form and state the reason for the return. Attach the label to the outside of the parcel and take it to the nearest DHL/post acceptance point. If you do not (or no longer) have your return label, please contact our Customer Happiness Team directly. 
  • Netherlands: Please fill out the return label and state the reason for the return. You can use the link in the shipping confirmation to create a return label, print it out, stick it on the outside of the parcel and hand it in to PostNL. Please make a note of the tracking number!
  • All other countries: Please fill out the return form, state the reason for return and send your return to the following address: 

LOXXESS Neuburg GmbH 
c/o Social Fashion Company GmbH 
Steinauer Weg 7 
91589 Aurach 

Please send returns from Germany only by DHL, from Austria by Post AT, from Switzerland by Post CH and from the Netherlands by PostNL or DHL.

If you return your package from Germany, Austria or Switzerland you will receive an e-mail from us as soon as we have received your package. 

If you are returning your package from another country, be sure to write down your tracking number, which you will find on your return receipt. With this number you will be able to follow the status of your return.

Send the item back to us. Enter 'Product damaged' or 'Incorrectly delivered' as the reason for return. In this case, you do not have to pay a fee for returns from Germany, Austria, Switzerland or the Netherlands.

Generally, we cannot reship the item, but you will be refunded the value of the goods and can reorder the item. We will be happy to provide you with a free shipping code as well as a new discount code if you used one with your original order. For this, please get in touch with our Customer Happiness Team.

We think your idea and your commitment are great. But actually our warehouse is not in Cologne. Here we work on the designs, product quality, the online shop and sustainable technologies.

We try to be as quick as possible with your refund. Usually, the refund is made within 14 days after our logistics partner has received the returned items.

You used a Gift Card? In this case the refund will be made to your used payment method (e.g. your PayPal account). Anything that exceeds the amount you paid will be automatically transferred to your used gift card.

Our Customer Happiness Team will be happy to support you with any request. Simply get in touch with our colleagues via our contact form. 

We ask you to return different deliveries separately. Of course, we would like to do this for reasons of sustainability. However, you must be aware that only the items with the appropriate return label are insured. In the event that the package is lost or there is other shipping damage, part of your return would not be insured. 

The return fee for a return from Germany, Austria as well as Switzerland and the Netherlands will only be charged once per order.

The return fee applies to orders from Germany, Austria as well as Switzerland and the Netherlands if you return all or part of your order to us. If you have received your order in several deliveries and therefore send more than one return, we only charge the returns flat rate once. 

Returns from all other countries not mentioned above are at your own expense. 

Every newly acquired product should be carefully chosen. Quality before quantity. That is why we have decided to introduce a flat rate for returns. With this measure, we want to promote conscious consumption and ensure that only those items are returned that are actually unwanted or defective. Together with you, we are fighting for a more sustainable future. 

The return fee for orders from Germany, Austria as well as Switzerland and the Netherlands is 2,95 Euro or 4,95 CHF. This is only a part of the costs that actually arise with a return (shipping, packaging, handling, cleaning, etc.). We will cover the rest, so you don't have to bear them alone.

Returns from all other countries not mentioned are at your own expense.

The return fee will be charged to you when you receive your refund. Here is an example: You return all items of an order with an invoice amount of 99.95€. In this case we will refund you 97,00€ (99,95€ minus 2,95€). If you return from Switzerland, we will refund 95 CHF (99,95 CHF minus 4,95 CHF). 

Returns can't always be avoided, we know that. However, the following tips can help you at least reduce them, which not only saves time and frustration, but can also reduce your environmental footprint by saving on transport and packaging materials. 

  • Avoid ordering many different styles and sizes of the same item. Instead, look for stores near you where you can try on our styles and... 
  • When choosing your size, take a look at the model's height, check out customer reviews of the item in our shop and use our Size Guide. There you will find information about the size of a certain product. 
  • Use our size charts to find out your recommended size and measure your body exactly. 
  • Here is an example of our all-time favourite denim MAIRAA: Under the different washes you will find the Size Guide and our FitFinder for even more precise size recommendations. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can read customer reviews. 
  • Read the product descriptions carefully and take a look at photos and videos, for example in our Instagram feed. 
  • Be aware that every purchase of a product has an ecological impact. 
  • Only order if you really need a product. It can help to think about how you would style it beforehand, does it go with clothes you already own, can it be combined to wear it across seasons for example? Do you already own a similar piece? 
  • Take your time: It's best to wait until you discover new favourite styles and rather make a larger collective order, e.g. with friends. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our lovely Customer Happiness Team.


Unfortunately, a direct exchange is not possible. Send the article you want to exchange back to us. Use our free shipping code for your new order. Please contact our Customer Happiness Team for this. 

The discount is always calculated proportionally to the total value of your order. If the conditions for the discount still apply after the exchange, you can contact our Customer Happiness Team - they can apply the discount retroactively. However, this does not apply to vouchers.  

Find your size

  • Use our size charts to find your recommended size and take your exact body measurements
  • Under the different washes you will find the size chart and our FitFinder for even more precise size recommendations. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can read customer reviews.
  • Read the product description carefully and take a look at photos and videos, for example in our Instagram feed

Have you already seen the FitFinder next to our products and wondered what it can do? The FitFinder is your buddy when it comes to choosing the right size.

Simply enter your body measurements and weight and the FitFinder will give you the most accurate size recommendation for each of our products! Based on your information, FitFinder determines which size fits you best and automatically displays it for each product. Try the FitFinder and save yourself the hassle of returns!


Sometimes articles in certain sizes or colours are no longer available. If possible, we try to offer you a pre-order in this case. This means that you pay for the now and reserve it for yourself, but it will only be delivered in the future. On the product page you can see, wheter an article is available for pre-order. If you have any other questions on this topic, you should find the answers here.

The estimated date of delivery will be shown to you on the product page and in your shopping basket. The same date will be shown on your order confirmation, which is sent to you as soon as you completed your order. As soon as the item is shipped, you will receive another shipping confirmation including the tracking link.

The items that were available at the time of your order will be delivered to you as normal. The usual shipping terms and delivery times apply. You can find out more here.

No - the conditions apply that are also stated in our shipping overview. If we have to split your order into several deliveries, there are no additional costs for you. 

The payment for your pre-order is due as soon as you have placed the order. If you want to pay in advance, you have to transfer the full amount within 14 days as usual. If you have placed an order including available and pre-ordered articles, you will receive two invoices from us for the respective amounts. You will receive the invoices by e-mail as soon as we have shipped your order.

Yes - as long as we have not shipped your pre-order, we can cancel the item. Please contact therefore our Customer Happiness Team. 

Yes - it may happen that we have to cancel pre-ordered items due to external factors that are beyond our control. However, this is very unlikely - if it does happen, you will of course get your money back immediately!

Gift Card & Promotion Codes

Yes, we have Gift Cards. For all of us who tend to buy their presents last minute or those who simply have excellent taste when it comes to choosing presents. It is incredibly easy as well: Just click on the amount you want to give, print your gift card at home and hand it to the lucky one. Please note that the voucher is only available via e-mail, not per post.

In the checkout process you have the possibility to enter the code from your gift card. Enter your code in the corresponding field and click on SUBMIT. Done!

Important to remember: Before submitting your order, please make sure that the voucher has actually been redeemed and that the value of the voucher has been deducted from your invoice. Vouchers can only be redeemed during the checkout process. Unfortunately, it is not possible to deduct or refund the value after you made your purchase.

In the checkout process you have the possibility to enter a discount code. Enter the code in the corresponding field and click on SUBMIT. It is possible to combine a discount code with a gift card. You simply need to enter both codes one after the other and click on SUBMIT. 
There are a few things that you have to keep in mind:

  1. Only one discount code can be redeemed per order.
  1. Discount codes are only redeemable under certain conditions. The discount conditions can be found under *to your discount code. Please note the minimum order value, the validity period or a restriction regarding certain product groups. 
  1. Discount codes can only be redeemed online in the checkout process. Once you have made your purchase, the discount can no longer be used on this order. 
  1. Discount codes cannot be paid out. 

In this case the refund will be made to your used payment method (e.g. your PayPal account). Anything that exceeds the amount you paid will be automatically transferred to your used gift card.

Please contact our customer Happiness Team. Our colleagues will be happy to help you.


We are sorry that you are not happy with the quality of your ARMEDANGELS item. Your feedback helps us to improve our product quality. Please send us the following information for your complaint to [email protected]:

  1. order number (order confirmation email, starts with 301 or 500)  
  2. article name and number   
  3. wash cycle, spin speed and your detergent  
  4. 2 photos (article with defect & care label) 

We are sorry that you are not satisfied with the quality of your item from ARMEDANGELS. Your feedback helps us to improve our products. Unfortunately we cannot process your complaint directly. Your contact person is always your contractual partner at the time of purchase in case of a defect in the article. The reason for this process is that the contractual partner is the owner of the goods before you received them. So only he or she can actually assess the condition of the item before the purchase and handle your complaint authentically. We don´t have control over the return conditions from the store itself and therefore can not intervene is this process. We can handle complaints differently if the order was placed via our online shop.

It is best to contact the marketplace regarding your claim because they have their own complaint process. They will of course contact us directly. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.  


You can sign up for our newsletter here. If you are from Germany or Austria, you can register here for the CHANGEMAKERS CLUB. If you are already registered for the newsletter, you will automatically become a CHANGEMAKER and do not have to register again.

As a member of the CHANGEMAKERS CLUB (CMC) you benefit from many exclusive benefits and support us in our mission to create a greener lifestyle. You can find more information here. Registration for the CMC is currently only possible from Germany and Austria. 

You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time. Just click the unsubscribe botton at the bottom of our newsletter.

There are two ways to unsubscribe from the CMC: via the unsubscribe button in the CMC e-mails or in your 'My Account' area. 

Second Hand Shop & Resell Plattform

The resell platform is a trade-in portal serviced by our partner where you can trade in your items, upload pictures of your goods and track the process. Based on the condition of your item, you'll receive a trade-in offer. You can change your contact information and find all details about the trade-in process there. You can also submit ARMEDANGELS products that are no longer wearable for recycling. However, free sending is currently only possible from Germany. Teaser: reselling is super easy. Our partner takes all the annoying steps off your hands. :-)

In our second hand shop, you can find preloved ARMEDANGELS pieces in good, great or perfect condition. The items are waiting to be re-homed with a new proud owner. 

Yes, you heard it right: also takes care of your broken ARMEDANGELS gear while taking it off your hands, recycling it and making something new out of them. We work together with a certified recycling company and local clothing donation banks. Together, we look for the most sustainable solution for each item, ensuring that the item still serves a useful purpose. In return, you get a 5 € voucher per piece of clothing for our webshop - Recycling with benefits!

With great clothes comes great responsibility. For us, responsibility does not stop at the checkout counter.

The average consumer wears new clothes only seven to eight times before throwing them away. To tackle this problem, you can simply resell your worn ARMEDANGELS clothing with us. This is how we keep them in the loop or recycle them at the end of their life to make new garments. We really do take care of everything. And that's not enough: With big steps we are moving further into a more circular future. 

I have so many questions about trading in and selling my preloved ARMEDANGELS gear. This way

The shipping is free for above 150 € orders and 4,95 € for everything below from Germany. 

After having placed your order, you will hold your preloved items in your hands after 1-5 workdays.

For items that you send in and that are accepted and sold in the second hand shop, we will issue a gift card to you. The gift card can be used in either the ARMEDANGELS shop towards new or pre-owned purchases.

You can't use discount codes in our Resell Shop but a gift card/voucher. Gift cards are valid for the ARMEDANGELS webshop and our resell platform. 

If you do not like an item or it does not fit, then you have the option to return it to us within 14 days. For second hand items, a complaint is unfortunately not possible. Please note: The return of second hand items must be handled separately. Please use for your return the separate box in which you received your second hand items. If you send your return from Germany, you will find the instructions on your delivery bill. The return flat rate from Germany is 2,95 €. If you are returning from another country you will have to pay for the return:

Alt FineCom Finishin-eCommerce-Logistics GmbH
Otto-Brindl-Straße 1
94447 Plattling

Repair Service

To use the service, go to the MENDED Booking portal here. In just a few steps, you can select what you want and receive your shipping label after completing your order. You can use this to send your garment to the nearest DHL office. After a maximum of 10 days, you will receive your item back.

If you have recently purchased something from us that has a quality issue, please contact our customer support team. If it is a case within the statutory warranty conditions, we will of course cover the costs of repair or replacement. You can contact our Customer Happiness Team via our contact form here.

Yes, MENDED not only offers repairs, but can also shorten pants, tighten the waistband, shorten dress straps and so on... We recommend to check the MENDED booking portal to see if your desired service is available.

Yes, please! We would like to encourage you to do so - because every repair that is an alternative to buying new saves valuable resources. You can use the service at MENDED for clothes of all brands.

Your repair or fitting will be handled by our partner MENDED. They work with experienced tailors in North Rhine-Westphalia who will bring your garment back to life with lots of love and handwork involved. You can find more information about MENDED here.

ARMEDANGELS provides the tailors at MENDED with a variety of original materials (buttons, denim fabrics, etc.). You can benefit from this with the MENDED service without any extra costs. However, since there are so many different (and up to 17 years old) ARMEDANGELS garments out there, we cannot guarantee to provide the right material for every case. Since the top priority of the repair should be the quality of the result, the MENDED tailors may use their own materials to get the best out of your ARMEDANGELS clothing.
These materials are all at least ÖKOTEX-certified.

The costs for repair and shipping are to be covered by you (this of course does not apply to cases under warranty conditions, see here). ARMEDANGELS provides MENDED with a variety of original materials (buttons, jeans fabrics, etc.). You can benefit from this with the MENDED service at no extra cost. Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee that only ARMEDANGELS materials will be used.

MENDED's tailors in North Rhine-Westphalia will get to work as quickly as possible as soon as they receive your garment. MENDED promises that you will receive it back within max. 10 days.

Since MENDED provides the entire service, they are also the right contact for all your questions about your repair or alteration. Please send an e-mail to MENDED's customer support: [email protected]

We very much hope that the result will always meet your expectations (or even exceed them :) ). If something doesn't quite fit, MENDED offers a free 30-day satisfaction guarantee.