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LOXXESS Neuburg GmbH Betriebsstätte Aurach
c/o Social Fashion Company GmbH
Steinauer Weg 7
DE-91589 Aurach

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Company Headquarters

Social Fashion Company GmbH
Thebäerstr. 17
50823 Cologne
Phone: +49 221 29 23 29 0
Fax: +49 221 29 23 29 99

E-Mail: [email protected]

Cologne District Court HR B 59603
Tax identification number: DE 252505324

Executive Board: Martin Höfeler

Dispute Resolutions

The EU Commission provides the possibility to an online dispute resolution on their online platform. You can reach it via the external link . We hereby explicitly declare according to § 36 (1) No. 1 VSBG that we are not obligated to and therefore not willing to participate in an extrajudicial dispute resolution before a consumer arbitration service (VSBG).


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