Now is the time to make a change - to a more sustainable wardrobe. Many of our styles will not return: find your favourite item now.


In an ideal world, we'd sell our entire stock to regular prices. However, this doesn't always work - for a number of reasons:

A LITTLE TOO MUCH: we need to order our products with lead times - sometimes a few months ahead. And we always need to plan with due diligence of which products will be requested from our customers in which amount. In a nutshell: pretty much the same as what we often ask you for: only order what you really need.

Our planning doesn't always work out as it should, thus at the end of a season, certain styles, colors or sizes remain. Moreover, for 3 years now, global crises are a permanent condition - with direct and indirect impact on our supply chain. This regularly leads to products coming to our warehouse with a delay - not in time for when they're actually demanded.

WIN-WIN: it never has and never will be an option to neglect or trash any overproduction - that's the opposite of sustainability and also not in line with our no-landfill-policy. That's why we decide for campaigns like this Mid Season Sale. You benefit from a discount, and we know that our garments will get the appreciation they deserve. Win-Win!

LESS FOR MORE: we want to enable more people to change to more sustainable fashion with these offers. We want to reach more people and support more people in a more sustainable lifestyle.

So can sustainability and discounts go hand in hand? Maybe they're not a perfect pair. Yet for us it's still the most reasonable way to deal with overstock. Discover your new favourite garment or just a timeless basic in our Mid Season Sale. Please shop responsibly!

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