Fair Wear Foundation

Only sustainable materials and a great product are not enough for us. Our production chain is long and every single piece of clothing contains the work of many people. Above all, the assembling of a final garment is still pure handcraft today.

Like most brands, we do not have our own factories where only ARMEDANGEL's collections are produced. That's why it's up to our partners and ourselves to secure fair working conditions and fair wages for the people who make our products.

Who is the Fair Wear Foundation?

Since June 2015 we are happy to be a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). For us, this is an important step to take our corporate responsibility even more purposefully and to support our suppliers in enabling fair working conditions for all employees.

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an international multi-stakeholder initiative committed to working with all member companies to improve supply chains and working conditions in textile mills worldwide.

In a strict code of conduct called Code of Labor Practice, ia. The prohibition of child labor, the right to freedom of association, secure jobs, living wages and resource-saving production – standard requirements are defined.

Brand Performance Check

The Brand Performance Check of the Fair Wear Foundation takes place once a year at all member companies. During the check internal management systems are reviewed to assess how the company has implemented the Code of Labor Practice (FWF) in cooperation with the suppliers.

As part of this control, both the management systems, e.g. production planning, purchasing, supplier relationships, etc., as well as the monitoring of the production sites are checked. Monitoring is how we work with our partners and support production, problem-solving and deficiencies to improve the performance of them.