Let’s wear the message inside out!

“VOTE THE ASSHOLES OUT”. Yes, you’re right ... this is exactly what you could recently read hidden on some labels of Patagonia. We find the quote and the action so strong that we want to take it up and spread it further. The quote deserves the place on a t-shirt! On the chest, where everyone can see it. So that's exactly what we have done: get the quote out of the inner label - onto the t-shirt!

Why? Because we at ARMEDANGELS know how to make damn good t-shirts ;). But even more importantly because there is simply no better way to put it in a nutshell the way Yvon Chouinard did. "VOTE THE ASSHOLES OUT". It refers to all politicians who deny man-made climate change and science-based facts. We can no longer afford to have political decision-makers put the brakes on climate protection laws. We no longer need assholes in politics!

We have to tackle the climate crisis NOW. Clear political decisions are needed to do so. Elections - as they currently take place in the USA - are the chance to get climate policy moving.

Vote for a better future. Wear the message.

Made to make a difference - together.

Our strictly limited

This quote is addressed to all politicians who deny climate change. Vote for a better future. Wear the message.


Yvon Chouinard's quote must be heard! That's why we don't just put it on a limited t-shirt but shared it on all our channels.

For each comment under our Instagram post with #voteforthefuture we supported the LCV* initiative with 1 US Dollar. By doing this, fabulous 8.052 US-Dollars have come together for LCV. The American organisation fights to build a world with clean air & water, public lands, and a safe climate that are protected by democracy.

Do you want to spread the word with us?

To all change makers out there, who want to show our common belief in public: We also produced a limited number of 850 “VOTE OUT” t-shirts with the quote.

LCV a US national movement with more than 2 million members, 30 state affiliates, and grassroots and community organizing programs across the country. They fight to build a world with clean air & water, public lands, and a safe climate that are protected by democracy. They believe that with only a decade to tackle the climate crisis, the 2020 US elections are our generation’s do-or-die moment.  

Frequently asked questions

"VOTE THE ASSHOLES OUT" is a quote from the Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard. You may have noticed that the label has partially hidden this slogan on the labels of its clothes. We at ARMEDANGELS think this is a great action and couldn't put it better in words. That's why we at ARMEDANGELS decided to take this message off the label and onto the t-shirt. Because this important message must be seen and heard - it is directed all climate deniers & politics!

We no longer need assholes in politics!

In November the USA will elect a president, and the election campaign is already in full progress. Fittingly, Patagonia has hidden the important message in its clothes.

But the election in the USA is not a purely national election. For that the USA is too important for the global community. And the fight against climate change is a global one!

We believe that every election counts and is important.

The message is addressed to ALL politicians - not only the American ones! This means all politicians who deny human-induced climate change and scientific facts. We can no longer afford to have political decision makers put the brakes on climate protection laws. Our t-shirt is for all those change agents out there who want to carry this important statement to the public!

Our mission has always been to use business as a force for positive change. We started by producing fair and sustainable t-shirts. But we don't just want to change the fashion world, our ultimate goal is to act and contribute to changing the system. That's why we also support those who fight to create a better, fairer world - such organisations as LCV.

Until the end of the year we will hand over the difference of the VAT reduction to organizations that are also politically active for climate protection in Germany and Europe. This is our Greener Deal.

And we also actively support our t-shirt campaign "VOTE THE ASSHOLES OUT" and donate to Patagonia's platform Action Works. Strictly speaking we support one of their selected environmental protection groups.