Make a statement with us: Our T-Shirt stands for human rights, freedom and peace. All profits of this limited T-Shirt go to the non-profit organisation Sea-Watch, who fights for the rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea.

We support Sea-Watch in the initiative "Verantwortung tragen", founded by the creative agency DOJO, together with other brands and designers with a charity collection. Sea-Watch is actively committed to civil sea rescue in the central Mediterranean on a daily basis. They have been fighting for years to ensure that no one has to die at Europe's sea borders. The profits of our limited T-Shirt go directly to Sea-Watch.

The initiative is supported by the photographer Felix Krüger and personalities like Lena Meyer-Landrut, Palina Rojinksi, Caro Daur, Kida Khodr Ramadan and many more.

Our "Open Borders" T‑Shirt

Our T-Shirt stands for human rights, freedom and peace. All profits go to the non-profit organisation Sea-Watch, who fights for the rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea.

The limited edition of 250 T-shirts is already sold out.

Millions of people are fleeing every year

We live in a world where brands create identities, desires and exclusivity. But we also live in a world in which millions of people have to flee because of war, conflicts and violence. Together with the labels DRYKORN, MVSCHI KREUZBERG and the designer MARINA HOERMANSEDER, we ensure that the fashion world is not just about what everyone wants and no one really needs - but about what we all need: more solidarity.

The profits from the collections are used to support the civil sea rescue of refugees at the deadliest border in the world. Because no one should have to suffer drowning while fleeing from war, persecution and poverty in the hope of a humane life.

Do you want to know more about the campaign, the entire collection and the commitment of Sea-Watch? Check out the website for more information. There you’ll find stories of refugees talking about their past experiences, but also about their future, dreams and goals.

Frequently asked questions

We want to draw awareness to the refugees who flee to Europe. The languages on the T-Shirt are based on the most spoken among the refugees who come across the Mediterranean: Iraq, Syria, Libya, Turkey and partly Iran. The death of people who flee across the Mediterranean must stop. We are asking for what is longly needed: the opening of the borders - now!

No, this is a quote from article three of the Human Rights Declaration. Everyone has the right to life.

The T-Shirt is unisex and has a loose fit.

Yes. The T-Shirt can be returned. If you received it in Germany or Austria, it can be returned to us free of charge. You can find more information in our general FAQ under "Returns".

Sea-Watch e.V. is a non-profit initiative dedicated to civil sea rescue in the central Mediterranean. They are committed to ensure that no more people have to die at Europe's sea borders.

Regarding the humanitarian catastrophe with thousands of dead in the Mediterranean Sea, the idea for the Sea-Watch project was born in 2014. They provide urgent emergency aid and stand up in public for legal escape and rescue routes as well as for freedom of movement and a solidary Europe.

Sea-Watch is politically and religiously independent and is financed exclusively by donations. Through this and with the help of numerous volunteer activists, they have already succeeded in saving thousands of people.

Their crew works voluntarily. Captains and machinists are employed for the duration of the mission. Among other things, their wages are paid with the donations, since these positions cannot be filled voluntarily due to the size of the ship.

Further information is available at:

The labels DRYKRON, MVSCHI KREUZBERG and the designer Marina Hoermanseder are having a collection where all the profits go to Sea-Watch e.V. as well. Further information and the links to the partner collections can be found at: