Summer Essentials

without new oil

Summer Essentials

without new oil

Light on skin and on
your conscience

Time's up for tapping into fossil fuels. The materials used in our summer collection support an oil-free future. Not a single molecule of your new outfit is made from new oil. Whether we go plant-based or recycled, our threads are bound to make you feel good.


Love is in the air. Oil stays in the ground.

99,62% of this year's summer collection is made from natural fibers or recycled materials. By this, we avoid exploiting limited, non-renewable sources of the earth where possible.

Virgin plastic means more oil that was pumped out of the ground. We have the decision in our hands:

  • in the choice of materials, e.g. wooden furniture
  • where it is hard to get away from plastics, go for recycled
  • choose green banking
  • save energy: less energy used means less fossil fuels

A Commitment to a future without oil and plastic.

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Materials from our summer campaign pieces are free from new oil. Instead, we craft from quality materials that are plant-based or recycled. To only use what's already there or re-newable sources. And not pump any new oil out of the ground for our materials.

Synthethic fibers as polyester, polyamide and elastane are plastic materials, are made from mineral oil. Exploiting oil makes use of non-renewable, limited resources and often causes destruction of the environment.

Our summer pieces are made from 97% natural fibers. If we use polymers due to handfeel, comfort and quality, we use recycled materials, to avoid exploiting new sources. And we are working on increasing our use of plant-based materials.

Many of our products are made from 100% plant-based materials, for example our linen styles. But by now, we cannot always craft from only natural fibers and evaluate individually, if and when we use polymers. This is sometimes neccessary for the garment to be worn comfortably, easy caring, being elastic (think of fitted styles) and durable. In this case, we use recycled materials, to avoid exploiting new sources. One of our material principles is nature over oil. Therefore, we are constantly working on increasing the share of natural materials. You can read more about it in our Action Report 2022 .

In the label of your garment, you can find the material composition. Here, you can read if materials from oil, like e.g. polyester, polyamide or elastane, are included and also if they are recycled.


made to make a difference