You, us - and 1.025.082,29 €! That’s right! With your help, we were able to raise this phenomenal amount to support organisations and partners who share our vision of a brighter future. In terms of our collective social responsibility, last year saw us taking a gi- ant leap forward. So let’s take a closer look at the year 2020, and don’t worry - this will leave you feeling motivated as we start with some simple maths for the greater good. 

To organizations that share our vision

745,800.00 € for Doctors Without Borders

209,516.21 € for the planet

24,526.16 € for the National Garment Workers Federation

15,111 € for the rainforest

15,011.78 € for Sea-Watch

14,990 € to our farmers in India

6,800 € for democarcy

3,327.14 €for the ARMEDANGELS Alliance 

Mask to make a difference: 746,000 € to Doctors Without Borders 

Let’s rewind and go back to spring 2020, when masks were in short supply, sometimes offered at outrageous prices. We started the production of sustainable fabric masks with our producers in Portugal. For each mask sold, we donated 2 € to Doctors Without Borders. Almost 750,000 € (!) were raised, facilitating isolation wards, Covid-19 clinics and protective clothing for medical professionals worldwide...

Made to make a Greener Deal: 200,000 € for the planet 

We made a deal with you - a pact for the planet. In 2020, instead of passing on the 6 months VAT cut on to you, we decided to invest green. The specifics: 3% were donated to organisations that champion climate protection and bio diversity. This allowed us to send over 200,000 € to Client Earth, Pleistocene Park, Carpathia, Extinction Rebellion, Rainforest Concern and German Zero. Friends, sustainable consumption is possible without the ruthless squandering of our planet’s resources. 

Our further donation activities

A crisis hits the poorest the hardest. Textile workers in low wage countries suffered great hardships due to the pandemic, arising cancellations and subsequent layoffs. We’ve said it before. Fast fashion kills. This is why we donated 24,526.16 € to the organisation Natio-nal Garment Workers Federation, who see to the rights and basic needs of seamstresses. For the third time, we have donated all the winnings from our "It's on us to ..." t-shirt, which commemorates the victims of the collapse of the Rana Plaza textile factory in 2013, to NGWF. Sales raised 14,526.16 €  and friends of the brand rounded this number up to a near 25,000 €. Rich are those who have friends, right? 

The concept of ‘black week’ doesn’t appeal to us, so we dared a green experiment. In the ‘green vote’ week we presented you with a choice: More discount or more donations? To explain, by purchasing at the regular price in that week of November, you could either save an area the size of three tennis courts of Ecuadorian rainforest or shop at lower prices. Okay, 80 percent decided on the discount, but it was worth a shot. Over 15,000 € went to Rainforest Concern. And besides, 100 percent opted for a sustainable piece of clothing which is quite something.

According to the United Nations every 70th person is affected by a crisis. There is so much to do, still so many reasons for fleeing and so many issues and people that need our attention. Therefore, in 2020 we also donated to sea rescue. Sea-Watch are fighting to ensure that no one has to die at Europe’s sea borders. For the 'Taking responsibility' initiative we produced a statement shirt and were able to raise 15,012 €, yay. 

One we’re particularly proud of. In case you don't know the current value of a cow: The 85 cows that we donated to our organic farmers in India are worth around 15,000 €. And why you might ask, didn’t we just donate money? In addition to the natural fertiliser that is collected, the milk benefits the farmers’ own nutritional needs and can be resold on the local market. The pandemic made it impossible for the farmers of our ARMEDANGELS Organic Farmers Association to work and suddenly they could no longer feed their families. The cows created new perspectives and taught us, just how easy it can be to really help. 

We fight for fresh air and clean water, public land and a safe climate that is protected by democracy - just like the American organisation LCV. We raised 6,800€ for them with a limited-edition shirt featuring the quote from Yvon Chouinard “Vote the as-soles out”, which is aimed at politicians who deny climate change. We also supported the LCV initiative with 1 US $ for every comment under our Insta-Post with #voteforthefuture. Yep, we can all choose a better future together. 

Lastly, we add another small, but meaningful success. Do you remember that first wave of compassion that spread during the first shut down of 2020? A great feeling and driving force to initiate financial support. With the ARMEDANGELS Alliance, we launched an emergency aid initiative for small businesses and self-employed people. More than 3,300 € came together in no time supporting your favourite shops, cafés and bars. And every euro makes a difference. 

Made to make a better future – to be continued…

Those of you who have been adding up, will come to the same conclusion. Solidarity pays off. And that's why we won't rest on the success of last year. We can't, as the struggle is real. We will continue to fight side by side using fashion as the vehicle. So that our future doesn’t melt away and planets and people are finally dealt with fairly!