We’re ARMEDANGELS’ Repair Experts & Care Takers. We believe in the power of a fully sustainable fashion system. And we believe, that if we help you take care of your garments, you can keep, wear and love them for as long as possible – and beyond.

ARMEDANGELS clothing is made to last, and ARMEDANGELS REPAIR is here to give your clothes some extra years to shine.


Got a broken zipper? We know how frustrating this can be. No worries, we got you covered with some easy and simple repair instructions.

All you need: yarn, needle and scissors.


We can all agree that crotch holes are some of the most inconvenient damages a denim can possibly have. Here are some simple repair instructions for you. Here we used a sewing machine, but you can easily sew it by hand. Trust us! If you want to bring your sewing skills to the next level, utilize some fabric lining for extra resistance.

All you need: yarn, needle, scissors, denim patch and measuring tape.

Optional (for our professionals): fabric lining, tailoring chalk, sewing machine, iron, and ironing board.  


Your favorite denim has a hole? We know the struggle. Don’t panic, there’s no hole that can’t be fixed. Just follow our repair instructions and let your hands do the magic. For smoother edges along the hole you can use a kitchen grater. A multifunctional device, not only in the kitchen.

All you need: yarn, needle, scissors, fabric of choice and measuring tape.

Optional (for our professionals): kitchen grater. 


Fixing a button from your beloved pair of denim isn’t as hard as it may seem. At least not with ARMEDANGELS repair. We show you a simple way of how to replace a denim button with a regular one. Without special tools. Just try it yourself.

All you need: yarn, needle, scissors and two buttons.

Optional (for our professionals): fabric lining, iron, and ironing board. 


Ever pulled up your pants so strongly that the belt loop ripped? We hear you. And we will show you how to fix it easily. Give it a go.

All you need: yarn, needle, scissors, fabric of choice and measuring tape.

Optional (for our professionals): fabric lining, iron, and ironing board. 


I’m one of ARMEDANGELS’ Repair Experts and Care Takers. As the founder of “Storytelling Fashion” I have always been passionate about the slow fashion movement. By upcycling and repairing textiles we can all contribute to conserving our resources. I strongly believe that every garment piece tells a story and is thus valuable. I hope I can show you how simple repairing can be. Give it a try. Handle your clothes with care and give them a second chance.
Be aware. Take care. Repair.


A big thank you to FEEDBACK FILMS for the great videos and to MELTING POT for the beautiful music.

Frequently asked questions

You can also use our ARMEDANGELS Repair Videos as instructions for repairing other pants. Many techniques can be applied to a wide variety of fabrics.
In principle you can use all fabric remnants as long as they are sewn inside. You won't see that in the end anyway. Alternatively, you can ask for fabric remnants in tailor stores or second-hand stores. Maybe you will find some there.
Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. But we are working on making it easier for you to repair your clothes and want to expand this service in the future.