Sustainable & circular materials

For us, "eco & fair" is not a trend but a belief. Responsibility towards our environment is not an option, but a must. That is why we rely on renewable raw materials and recycled materials.


Organic Cotton

Our cotton comes from controlled organic cultivation and is fairly traded. Sustainable and environmentally friendly. For natural clothing.


Organic Wool

We only use wool from certified organic livestock farming that is mulesing- and chlorine-free. „Mulesing“ means the removal of skin from the tail area of a sheep – without giving them any painkillers. This is done in the attempt to prevent flystrike. Organic livestock farming places high demands on animal welfare and ensures that animals are treated humanely. Our organic raw wool is additionally RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified.



LENZING™ ECOVERO™ is the most ecological and clean viscose that can be manufactured today. This innovative cellulose fibre is sourced from European woods and is produced locally in Austria by our partner Lenzing. A new kind of viscose: for a stylish yet conscious look. We make gently flowing fabric out of it that is pleasant to the skin and gives a piece of clothing a silky glow.


Recycled Plastic

Melted and cleaned PET bottles can be spun into yarn (rPET). In this way we support new recycling streams. In order to control microfibre abrasion, we use rPET only as a fibre admixture. This extends the life of our products.


Organic Linen

Linen, a so-called flax plant, is a semi-shrub that belongs to the oldest cultivated plants in the world. Unlike conventional flax, organic flax does not use any chemical pesticides, fertilizers, genetic engineering or heat roasting. Clothing made of linen is soft, durable, light and yet quite resistant to dirt.


TENCEL™ Lyocell

Lyocell is a Lenzing branded, natural and particularly sustainable cellulose fibre, because it is made from wood. The fibre production itself is particularly environmentally friendly as it constitutes a closed loop in which the solvent is reused repeatedly.



Kapok, also known as plant down, is one of the most sustainable fibres in today's market. The soft, silky hollow fibre is extracted from the tropical kapok trees and has remarkable properties. These include softness, water resistance, and good heat retention.


Our super-soft, light-weight alpaca wool comes from Peruvian family farms that traditionally keep their herds in the Peruvian Andes. Since alpacas only eat the upper part of the grass and do not pull the entire plant with roots out of the ground, the soil condition is maintained. Due to the natural colours of alpaca fibres no dyeing processes are necessary. The associated environmental pollution is therefore eliminated! Since wool from alpaca fibers does not contain any lanolin, it is hypoallergenic and is the perfect wool for people with sensitive skin.


Our Modal also is a Lenzing branded, natural and particularly sustainable cellulose fibre, because it is made from wood. It is mainly made from the regenerative raw material beech wood from FSC or PEFC certified sustainable forestry from Austria and neighbouring European countries. The combination of production in a closed loop cycle and the short transport distances significantly reduce the impact of the fibre. 

Fair, organic, social responsibility… sure, anyone can say that! To show that these are not just empty words, we work together with these independent organisations.