100% profits from this tee support Until Freedom, Tamika’s social justice organisation on the frontlines of the fight against systemic racism in America - one of the countries at the epicenter of this global issue. 

Remember money is evil. Give it to us and we will dispose of it responsibly for you. Think of this as an investment in your planet and the people on it with a T-shirt thrown in. Damn you're going to look so good in this.

We’re teaming up with frontline activists, artists, thinkers and doers to create an ongoing, ever-evolving series of fundraising T-shirts in solidarity. The mission: spread their words, fund their fights and bring them together for a world with a future. Why haven't you bought this Tee yet?


After the police killing of George Floyd, Tamika D. Mallory’s speech helped the world wake up to racial injustice in America. Ex co-founder of the Women’s March, she is now also one of the 4 co-founders of Until Freedom, a social justice organisation that fights for the rights of oppressed people,with a specific lens on Black America. 


Black and Indigenous activists and allies around the world are standing up in solidarity for black lives.

'I put this shirt on to support Black lives. Only when we all feel their suffering can we change the world' 

Nemonte Nenquimo 


The Amazonian Waorani leader was one of the few indegenous activists to fight the oil industry and won, protecting 500,000 acres of rainforest. 

'The Black Lives Matter movement is really for everyone and if you don't know that, then you're probably in the way of your true reckoning'

Mahogany Browne


New York poet, organizer, educator and author of; Black Girl Magic, Woke and forthcoming novel-in-verse, Chlorine Sky.

'Being a part of this project is the chance to inspire people through our movements because that's our purpose, that's the reason we live and breathe, to change lives for the better all around the world.'

Marvel and Victory Ebinum


Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Victory and Marvel Ebinum are a self-taught dance duo with a unique and expressive skill set as choreographers, directors and dance teachers. 


We commissioned Sophy Hollington, one of the most original and exciting new illustrators of her generation, to create and craft the artwork by hand. Her work brings to life in typography, the urgency and flair of Tamika’s words, taking the form of relief prints through the lengthy process of lino-cutting. The art pieces featured on the shirt took 2 days to carve.

Questions & Answers

SOLIDARITY SERIES is an ongoing series of charity T-Shirts to fund those on the frontlines of the fight for a better world, to bring activists together and spread their messages. It’s a way for us all to come together to create real action against the most urgent and existential threats to life, wherever they are and whatever the threat: systemic racism, destruction of biodiversity, climate change or others. We must create new ways to collaborate like never before. That’s why 100% of all profits will support the most important frontline activists on the planet. Our first edition is a collaboration with Tamika D. Mallory to raise money for Until Freedom: activists, organizers and lawyers in the fight against systemic racial injustice.
One year after the world took to the streets in protest over Breonna and George and countless others, we made this shirt with Tamika D. Mallory to keep raising money to support Black lives, keep forcing the system to change, keep the momentum going, keep her words out there and keep demanding justice until everyone gets it. Because Black lives always matter. In general, we want to raise a maximum of awareness for this topic and activate people to show resistance against racism.
We know that racism and racial profiling against BIPoC is also relevant for society in Germany and does not only happen in the US. But as proven last year with the Black Lives Matter movement, we saw that what happens at one of the global epicenters of racism (the USA) can have an impact, that makes a difference around the world. That’s why we are partnering with Tamika. Of course we want to fight systemic racism in Germany but we must also be global because everything’s connected now more than ever.
100% of profits for the Shirt will be donated to ‘Until Freedom’, supporting the organization in their fight against systemic racism. Wanna know more about ‘Until Freedom’? This way:  https://untilfreedom.com/

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